Patratu Lake  is a beautiful tourist spot and throughout the year particularly during the winter season a large number of people visit here for picnic and adventure. There is a government circuit house beside the dam. The Panchawahini temple adjacent to the dam is an ancient temple and significant for its religious value. Patratu Lake resort, which is located in the serene valley next to the Patratu dam has been built by the State Tourism department.


The resort appears to be a significant attraction for the tourists as earlier tourists had no option but to not stay here as the location is quite remote. The resort provides all the necessary amenities for the tourists. The resort also features a small park for children and a water park.

lake resort

As the resort is located next to a huge dam, the option for water sports and boating is also available. Tourists can enjoy activities like jet skiing, surfing the water on high-speed motorboats, boating and parasailing.Currently, the department is charging Rs 20 per visitor as entry fee. The lake area is open from 8am to 5.30pm.