A Solution For Business Promotion-"Digital Marketing"

A Solution For Business Promotion-“Digital marketing”

Hey everyone… lets talk about Digital Marketing ,as we all know that we all are heading towards a technology oriented world where we are more involved in sitting at home and ruling the world by ruling the internet. As the time passed, our lifestyle changed people became more focused and indulged themselves in technology.

It is of no surprise that India has now became a home of millions of user using smartphones. So, it became very easy for business entities to do marketing digitally. And thus the word digital marketing originated.

The word digital marketing itself acknowledges promotion of business in various social media platform such as facebook , twitter, google ads, messenger ads etc.. . In digital marketing advertising can also be done through mobile applications, email, web application, search engine or any website which is business oriented, or any other new digital channel.

Whenever you think to establish your business the first thing which comes in your mind that how can you grow your business at national level, how can your business gain popularity thus increasing your income, you must opt. for “Digital marketing” to reach the mass in a very short span of time and also with a very low cost as compared to physical marketing.

We all know that traditional media company generates less income than that of  Google, Facebook, twitter etc, because they control more eyeballs and is within the reach of millions almost everyone.” That’s why digital marketing matters it is where the attention is.

Digital mediums are only the means to achieve marketing goals.

Want to get campaign ideas that drive business impact… here is the solution to reach the climax of the business….i.e, digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts, that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search-engines, social media, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

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Why Digital Marketing?

In the current scenario, when everything is going digital. Digital marketing has so many options and strategies associated with it. You can easily update your ads, have a control on it. You can get creative and experiment with a variety of marketing plans on a limited budget. You can also easily monitor the success and “RETURNS” of your campaigns more than you could do with a traditional promotional content such as ads in printing press or billboards.

While traditional marketing is limited in print ads, phone communication or physical marketing , digital marketing is wholly based on online activity. This means that there are number of endless possibilities for brands including email, video, social media, or website based marketing opportunities.

How to promote a product when there are thousands of competitors out there..?

A Guide- Facebook

When you are a beginner in the business world and you need a marketing strategy the first thing which comes into your mind is FACEBOOK.

Yes, facebook is still at its utmost level.

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As we all know that facebook user in the world has now reached to 2 billion. So, no questions can be raised on its popularity among the people.

Entrepreneurs who want to gain popularity in a short span of time chooses Facebook as a platform to reach its ultimate customers and build customer base. For Example – Flipkart

If you are an entrepreneur who has just launched a business, then you are always in a situation where you are unable to find a better channel to grow with. But for a long-term growth based on Facebook marketing, Marketing depends upon two major factors:

  • Whether you want to grow your business nationally or globally.
  • Or you want to grow firstly at local market…

So, the target audience will be reached using the following:-

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Behaviour
  • Progress

These features are especially beneficial to small business and entrepreneurs who have a limited budget. It will help to boost your “Returns”.

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Advertising for Small Business

More flexible than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing outlets are not that flexible to operate fast as compared to digital marketing. All you need to do digitally is to click few buttons and soon your ads will be published in the respective platforms for the world to see.

In traditional marketing you have to plan in advance the required strategy, and it can also take few weeks or months. But in case of digital marketing nothing is like that, as it offers the advantage of being fast and easy to plan.

The time it takes to set up a digital advertising campaign is much quicker than that of traditional marketing. Going digital gives you the multiple option to make any changes required at the time of instant promotions.

Easy to keep track of your business.

Digital advertising is an easy task to plan, and it is also easy to track. If you instantly want some information related to your campaign, then you can easily find out the details instantly.

For measuring all the important aspects of your campaign the best option available is digital world. You will get all the analysis here only. You can simply track how many times that particular campaign or ad has been clicked, or how many users have visited the page or liked the content.

Easy to update your ads/ campaigns

Digital marketing is also very easy to update. If at a certain situation you have to immediately make some changes in your content , digital marketing is extremely helpful, as it is far ahead in respect with traditional marketing .

Or in a certain situation what happens after you place your campaign and you get some better ideas a night before, when you need to do any changes instantly as per the requirement of the business?

So here is the answer, all you need is to go to that particular site or platform and update the necessary details as per your requirement.

Absolute Control

In digital marketing you can easily analyse. This means that you have absolute control over who actually sees the ad.

Whether the campaign is getting popularity or not, people are showing interest in your ads , you can actually find out how many people have shown interest towards your business or product. You can also have all the graphs and reports of your progress within the stipulated time.

All that can be said about your popularity and success is that “hardworking compiled with right knowledge , vision, attitude and future foresight you will be able to get the maximum output”.


When you are going to have your own startup and you want to reach the last customer to sell your product. You will be always in delimma, as in this digital world there are thousands of competitors out there.

You are not the only person who is having a great product, and also merely having a product is not enough. People will be eager to know about the contents of the products. So, the best way to make people aware about the product is by providing a correct detail of the product in your ad because in traditional marketing you will not be able to deliver the details properly.

As in the process you will need the most efficient platform to promote your product.

The word digital itself denotes use of internet or any electronic devices. So,  digital marketing  is a great option to promote your business.

“You are definitely going to believe on the output…..”

As per the data, research shows that people using mobile or internet has rised tremendously during the last decade.

People’s presence in online platform has also increased. Here online presence means online surfing and creating impressions on various internet pages. Traditional marketing is now out of the scenario.

The key to success depends on the right approach. And the challenge is also to find a right platform to promote.


  • Facebook

  1. About 3 billion people all over the globe use social media .
  2. Mobile users have increased. So, the facebook users has also increased around 1.47 billions daily active users.
  3. Around 80% people use facebook online.
  4. Approximately 76% people use facebook for interesting contents.
  5. Around 74% people use facebook for professional users.

Ohhhh… all these data can blow anyone’s mind….

So, from all the data it reveals that facebook is a great place to sell almost any type of product.

  • Google ads

  1. Another great method to use when you need to promote a product is google ads.
  2. Google-ads is a type of pay-per-click ad in which the advertiser pays the ad publisher each time a new leads click on this ad.
  3. Afterall, google ads has become google’s main source of income. So, that’s the best effective platform for product promotion.
  • Content marketing- The king of all

Whenever you come to know about a product the first thing which comes in your mind and you look for the product is the content of the product . The content itself decides the future of the product. Afterall , the major part of any products is its contents which specifies all the detail of the product.

Content marketing is a major pillar of the methods used in learning how to promote a product.

People only pay for something in which they gain some confidence about the product. So, content is very important.

So, what’s next…….

You will have to educate the ultimate customers and inform them about the products.


There are many methods that you can use to promote a product.

But by using digital marketing you can get the maximum output within limited budgets.

Whatever may be the sources the only agenda is….

“Provide information…. Satisfy customers…. Generate revenue…”


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